Winter House Party feat. Market Memories

Friday 15th July 2022

Melbourne Winter - Who needs it?

We do, because against the backdrop of the chill is when you really begin to feel the heat emanating off this gig.

On this stacked card, this powerhouse are here to wrap you in the warmth of the tunes you need.

- MARKET MEMORIES: Your friendly neighbourhood bass dropping duo, filling in Melbourne’s music culture to the very last nook.

- SUNSHINE: She’s graced our mornings and served up the beats you needed to start your days right. This time round, she’s here to send you off with that same beacon well onto the night.

- CASEY LEAVER: This lady is as versatile as they come. Her sets are equally humbling as they are exhilarating.

- LOOQS- Good luck trying to catch your breath with this one, drawing his inspiration from the crowd and boomeranging it right back till you feel every fibre within you moving.

Rounded off with some prime local talent with the likes of KILLAMATEC/ N3DD/ RUCHII/ EDDIE and SHANNABOI, this is not one to miss.

See you all on the dance floor!

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