Suite 909: The G-UP

Sunday 11th February 2018

Dear Suitehearts,

Can you feel that? The warm surge of energy rushing through your body? Your pulse quickening? Knees feeling weak? Toes tapping? GENITALS THROBBING!?

Do not be alarmed, you are experiencing a G-up!

A G-up is a feeling that transcends race, religion, gender, species, even space and time.

A G-up is leaving work early, putting on warm underwear from the dryer, missing your train but finding $10, the first day of summer, a tall froffy one with ya best mates and a G-up is partying with likeminded champions!

We are starting the year off with a woolly mammoth of a rooftop day party, now that’s a

G-up!! Expect the unexpected because we have plenty of suite treats up our frilly sleeves

Disc Jockeys:

Liam Kendall

Mount Mike

Sloan Kettering

NIL + Sampletext

Whalen Smithers + Mega flora


Movement Décor

Enter as guests, Leave as family xx

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