Save The Amazon Fundraiser

Sunday 22nd September 2019

Melbourne's Psy-Trance Promoters join forces to utilise our skills for a very important cause, to do our bit to aid the issues currently happening in The Amazon.

Let's come to together to do our bit.

Let's align with this purpose and go forth with positive intentions.

Let's unite our energy and vibrate love into the Earth.

Let's do what we love to do with hope to make some change.

Every bit of change has an impact, no matter the size, it's important we recognise this as our responsibility and do the best that we can!

Let's help to Save the Amazon!

♫ M U S I C ♫


Shadow Fx


Twisted Sibling


Eartheogen / Zenon Records

Unseen Dimensions

Uranium Mind

Lunar b2b Psyentific

Soul Serpent - Audio Habitat


Ben Wild


Nikki Sig


Particle (Psy-Fenn)

Rayman DJ





Azrin / Zenon Rec.

Muska - AUS

Ranjit Nijjer

Matt Radovich

Thad Lester

Dylan Griffin

Shantaraam / Tauren

~ M E D I A ~

Ilias Tsiphlidis Photography


Ticky Photography


~ D O N A T I O N S ~

Please note that 100% of the funds raised from this event will be donated to Amazon Frontlines. This choice of organisation has been carefully made with much care, consideration and research.

Mission and Vision of Amazon Frontlines

"Our team is comprised of an international group of human rights lawyers, environmental activists, forestry specialists, environmental health scientists, filmmakers, journalists, anthropologists, and farmers. We live and work in the western Amazon.

Our mission is to support the struggles of indigenous peoples to defend their rights to land, life and cultural survival in the Amazon Rainforest."

You can also find more information on their website >>


We thank you for getting on board and supporting this cause.

Please invite your friends and watch this space for more info!

Much love and gratitude for your contribution to this cause ♥

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