one day late ft. sleep d

one day late ft. sleep d

Friday 21st April 2017

Pounce crew and friends are here with one of their best nights yet at Brown Alley. Featuring disco, house, techno and a solid set from one of the finest headliners Melbourne's underground scene has to offer; Sleep D!


From the southern fringe of Melbourne, Sleep D are quickly establishing themselves as the axis of the Australian electronic subterranean. The duo send dancers around the bend with their weekly DJ sets and compelling live performances that have transposed riverside amphitheatres, Boiler Room, Inner Varnika and Golden Plains Festival. Founding the coveted Butter Sessions imprint, the best bits of these cerebral showcases have been soldered down into multiple EPs, as well as an ambient album on Analogue Attic.

Not only a vehicle for their DIY productions, Sleep D also use the Butter Sessions platform to prop up their peers, releasing all quality tangents of outsider house, squelching funk, hard techno and smoked out dub from locals including Tuff Sherm, Booshank, Dan White and Cale Sexton. Teaming up with Sex Tags co-creator DJ Fett Burger and Vancouver’s Jayda G on the Velvet Vortex release, the label crew now extends continents.


Garden Bar:

Lobtram (Pounce)

Fosta and Kieren Bonanno (President Press)

Sarah Morgan

Jim Paradise b2b The Dentist b2b Dancin Rick (Wax Nomads)

Jack Owen (Technologica)

Sticks and Stones (President Press)

Low-Key b2b Mick Bowl (Pounce)

Blights Bar:

Bass2Mouth (Pounce)

Edgework (Technologica)

Sleep D (Butter Sessions)

Shannon Briggs (Trust)

Viktor (Trust)


Presale hardcopy tickets will be on sale through Pounce, Trust, President Press, Wax Nomads and other promoters, coming out Friday 24th of March for $15. Tickets will be on sale at door and online for $20.

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