CRAVE - queer rave

Friday 9th August 2019

This will be the party your gay uncle told you about...

Over 2 STAGES we will take you to a homosexual dancing nirvana from the gays of yore... 90s/00s tech house, disco, old skool RnB, various Armands. Laser lights, haze and amyl essence. Cage dancers, pole dancers, rooftop djs smoking rollies, misty consequences. CRAVE, a queer rave. You don't even Nomi

OUTDOOR STAGE 1 - 90s/00s tech house/ club / disco

† DJ Gavin Campbell * The OG 90s gay party promoter of TASTY. He will be playing a set from the infamous party that was raided by the cops in 1994 fuelling queer activism in Melbourne. History lesson: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tasty_nightclub_raid

† DJ Sezzo * untold magic awaits

† Paris End Djs (DJ BABEYDIVORCE x DJ DEDICATIONS) * bong water fusion/offbeat dumb bish juuice

† more tba

STAGE 2 - 90s/00s hip hop/pop/dance

† DJ Ruby Slippers * sleazy 90s dance NOW Hits! So Fresh!

† Leather Locklear * halcyon nights and Groove Essentials. songs really.

† Sailor V * trashy pop you think you don't like but you do. confess it. say it, don't spray it.

† more tba

nude fluro paint pit. White t-shirts. Sounds interesting.

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