Burn City Disco Fourteen - Faze Action (UK)

Friday 5th October 2018

Welcome to Burn City Disco Fourteen (the last BCD for 2018)!

It's simple, we want to disco and you want to disco so - LET'S DISCO!


Pre Disco - bit.ly/bcd14tix

Door Disco - $20


Faze Action (UK) - soundcloud.com/fazeaction

Faze Action are the brothers that made disco fashionable again. The Club DJs and record producers are charged with having started the Nudisco genre. With over 20 years of experience we are lucky to have Faze Action at Burn City Disco for a DJ set.

Local Support:

DJ Agent 86


Dan Bentley

Billy & Mick

Dazy Lays

Stevie H

Followed by Discovery - A Disco Recovery!

Important Information:

We encourage you to be yourself and to have fun. The dress code is YOU so wear what makes you happy and let's dance!

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