Lucha Carnaval

Friday 1st March 2019

The biggest Mexican Fiesta is back!

/ / L U C H A * C A R N A V A L / /

The only Mexican Fiesta with a tremendous Lucha (Mex Wrestling) show and beautiful chicas doing burlesque displays followed by a Tequila party with live Mariachis and Mexican Djs!

Only add yourself and your amigos for an explosive night!

Expect as always:

• The classic: evil vs good tale from Mexican Lucha Libre! The ‘Rudos’ (bad guys) against the ‘Tecnicos’ (good guys).

• Mexican folklore!

Luchadores and Enmascarados (masked wrestlers) doing a combination of sport, entertainment and dramatic storytelling all rolled up into a flamboyant display, wild and highly flying insanity.

• A combination of various fighting techniques like wrestling, judo, jujitsu, grappling, kickboxing and boxing. It is a mixture of all these combat art forms blended with the elements of soap opera, dramatic storytelling, physical comedy, incredible athletics, suspense and intrigue.

• Beautiful ‘Chicas’ doing great dancing performances and burlesque displays!

• Expect the ‘Mini’ wrestlers to be in the corners of the ring supporting the Luchadores!

• Expect ‘Dos de Tres Caidas’ (2 out of 3 falls), ‘suicidas’ (suicide moves), ‘desnucadoras’ (power bombs), ‘patadas voladoras’ (flying kicks), ‘filomenas’ (spin kicks), ‘quebradoras’ (spinning back breaker), ‘tapatias’, ‘huracarranas’ and ‘manita de puerco’!

• Expect Mariachis from Tijuana! (Real one, Si!)

Lucha Libre in Australia… ‘Una fiesta y no ching*deras!’

Brown Alley will be transformed into a Mexican Arena for this Show!

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Over 18's show

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