Sickest House Presents: - October 28th

Friday 28th October 2022

The pages continue to turn through the chapters of Sickest House. A story told through the mouths of many. Stories of wonderment, confrontation, enlightenment and joy riddle minds across the world.

From what began within a spark of curiosity of what the world could be, a chapter written from an energy of dreams, Sickest House has been an entity that has driven an energy of darkness to bring all of its followers to light. Stories told through its arts of not only word, but also aural and visual elements through collective gathering, finessed structures, curated installations and virtual dimensions.

The pages of our story have only just begun to fill, and it’s safe to say that this odyssey has been built on some rugged foundation. The house has been burnt, ransacked and given some nasty blemishes. However, being incessantly kept alive and rebuilt into its abstract way by the dreams and hard efforts of each contriver who has their own personal connection to what it is that the story of Sickest House has told them. Blood has been spilt, wrath has been thrown, lies have been shared, ego has been both suffocated and fed. But none of it compares to how high the energies of those who have been influenced by the amount of love these stories have given our kindred familiars.

The stories that have been indulged have kept one constant narrative. The rawness of reality. The drive of seekers, out to find one thing…


Friday October 28, at Brown Alley in the centre of Naarm, we celebrate this script that you have all made your own mark on, to continue to deliver the integrity of what Sickest House has held its value to.

We are not here to hide, we are here to express our world for the way we see it. Its battles and our scars that have given us our strength through our grief. We’re here to celebrate how much we fucking love it.

We celebrate Truth, we deliver Truth, we are here for Truth!

This night will be a carouse of collective art forms. From choreographed performers to art installations, live painting and galleries, elaborate costumes and outfits, merchant stalls and a twisted mix of dark and wicked Bass music.

Collectively, we bring TRUTH!

Let us pull at your cerebellum, gargle your acids and strain your bones.

Sickest House is a museum you have craved to be a piece in.

Inviting all but the uneducated,

The philistine,

As well as the ignorant.

This is for our friends,

Not for the weak at heart.

This is Sickest House

Installations by:

TRUTH (NZ) - Deep Dark Dangerous

ASHEZ (NZ) - Boy Records

TOBACCO RAT (AU) - Saturate Records

Systim - The Operatives


Puff Justice

Shane Cole

Groundskeeper Chilli

Celestial Circus (NSW)

One Eighty Collective


Kaleida Visuals

Big Boy BroNson

The Sick Witches


We would like to acknowledge that we dance and celebrate on stolen land.

We pay our respects to the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin nation.

Sovereignty was never ceded.

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